Casa Tenore

Bed & Breakfast - Mercato San Severino - Salerno

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Bed and Breakfast Casa Tenore built right under Montoro mountains and surrounded by the oriental Picentine hills is located in a strategical geographical position, far away from city traffic but still at a stone throw of all the main cities of the Campania Region.

Casa Tenore is located in Acigliano, the last portion of the municipality of Mercato San Severino: a typical city of the plain at the feet of Cerrella hill.


Casa Tenore B&B is only 12 km away from Salerno, capital of the province, 50 km from Naples, a fascinating metropolis, picturesque and historical capital of the Region, only 15 km from the start of the Amalfi Coast, a coast of rare beauty, famous worldwide, 40 km from Pompei, an archeological site among the main ones in the world, 58 km from Paestum were it is possible to admire examples of Greek and Roman architecture of outstanding historical and artistical interest: three Doric temples, among the main ones in this style, that have made of Paestum one of the main archeological sites of the Mediterraneum.

The Bed and Breakfast Casa Tenore is only 3 km away from Salerno University campus.







- Casa Tenore 2007 -
- Photos Ernesto Valles Galmès -
- Project and design Caterina Tenore -